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Welcome to Cost Effective Maintenance

Established in 1984, Cost Effective Maintenance (CEM) provides low cost methods to correct engine problems such as oil consumption, power loss, hard starting, smoke, poor fuel consumption, blow by and chronic overheating.

Founder, Brid Walker has worked extensively in the mining industry to achieve fuel efficiency benefits in large open cut mining and diesel power generation equipment. He has acted as a consultant to the large Porgera gold mine, in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where because of the high altitude, diesel smoke emissions were the worst he'd seen. His recommendations resulted in dramatic reductions. With another, a large Australian bauxite mine, Walker guided them to better engine life, by focusing on changes that reduced diesel smoke particulates.

CEM helps you avoid rebuilds...whether you’re a contractor on a site with zero tolerance to exhaust smoke, or need to postpone a rebuild for a few months, or simply want the most service life possible out of your equipment.

At CEM we are solution driven, not sales driven. Once we know what your problem is, we are in a position to offer you the best advice and real solutions, at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical repair. CEM's problem solving success rate exceeds 90%.

Some of our products serve a dual role in also providing genuine performance and fuel efficiency benefits.

Featured Products

Flushing Oil Concentrate
Flushing Oil Concentrate enables owners to restore full cleanliness to their entire crankcase, removing all engine sludge and freeing stuck piston ring deposits.
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